Do you see a picture of your pet on my website that you would love to have?

High resolution (jpg) digital copies emailed to you are $20 for the first one, and $10 for each additional image. You can then take them to your preferred printing location and turn them into your own unique wall art. For an additional cost, I can handle all the ordering and delivery.

Would you like me to do a special photo shoot of your pet?

I can come to your home or take your pet to a favorite park nearby to photograph them. I will spend several hours with your pet, having fun, giving them plenty of love and treats, and capturing a variety of images of their personality. I will then edit the pictures, pick the best, and show them to you! It is up to you whether you buy some/all of the digital images from me or have prints or wall art made under my guidance. Further details about the process can be discussed; feel free to contact me with questions!