60 Minute Dog Visit / Walk / Run: $25

This in-home visit or on-leash walk will give your dog exercise, special attention, and a chance to go potty while you are away. This service includes giving fresh water and/or food, waste cleanup, and plenty of love. Basic home care is also included.

Beckham30 Minute Dog Visit / Walk: $15

Does your dog just need a quick potty break in your yard or a walk around the block to stretch their legs? This service includes giving fresh water and/or food, waste cleanup, and plenty of love. Basic home care is also included.

_MG_898830 Minute Cat Visit: $15

This is a great way to let your kitty get some personal attention while you are gone. This service includes playtime, fresh food and water, litter box cleaning, and plenty of love. Basic home care is also included.

MG_8410c_11Small Animal Care: Starting at $10-15

If you are going away and do not need me to stay overnight, but would like me to stop by and care for your small animal, I would be happy to. Rabbits, turtles, fish, lizards, birds, frogs, the list can go on and on-I have experience with them all. I will give them food and water, clean their cage, and give them lots of love. Basic home care is also included.

WillTrail Hike / Dog Park / Outdoor Adventure: Starting at $25

These fun excursions include pick-up/drop-off, lots of exercise, water breaks, and being towel dried if needed. The dogs must be well socialized, non-aggressive, and spayed or neutered. The fun can last anywhere from 60 minutes to 3 hours.

_MG_4023Dog Bath: Starting at $25

I will bathe your dog in your home and get them squeaky clean! You provide the supplies needed (soaps, towels, combs, brushes, blow dryer, etc.) and I will do all the work. I do not cut the dog’s hair or trim nails. Prices start at $25 and increase based on the size of the dog, their coat’s condition, and your location.

Medication Administration: No Additional Charge
During our initial meet and greet, you will instruct me on how to properly administer your pets’ medications.

Home Care: Starting at $15
Don’t have a pet but still need someone to look after your home? While you are away, I will make sure your home is kept safe and tidy. These visits will include mail and newspaper retrieval, plant watering, lights on/off, blinds opened/closed, and a security check. Home care is complimentary if you book overnight pet care.

*When booking all services, please make sure your pet is nonaggressive and current on all vaccinations.
*I live in the 24014 zip code. Those who live near Stephenson Ave SW and 27th St. SW will be getting the best rates!
*I am currently unable to care for your pets overnight in my own home.